As an industry leader, we acknowledge our responsibility to conduct business in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way. All of our activities are directed by an
Environmental Management System which is accredited to 14001:2015 standards.

We are committed to ensuring a better future for our community. As a result of this commitment, we have spent many years investing in the resources required to develop and maintain supporting programs and improvement initiatives.

2Construct - Building
  • Encourage innovation and best-practice in sustainable design, construction and maintenance for built environments

  • Monitor emerging sustainable technologies, processes, and implement them into our activities where possible

  • Seek the use of environmentally sustainable materials

    Reduce waste-generation at the workplace

  • Minimise the use of materials that deplete natural resources or create toxic pollution

  • Maintain challenging sustainability goals and targets

  • Actively generate environmental awareness for all staff, suppliers, contractors, industry partners, clients and communities

  • Incorporate environmental sustainability into all of our processes

  • Minimise our environmental footprint through the sustainable management of resources

  • Continually review and improve our Environmental Sustainability Commitment Statement to reflect new learnings and changes within the organisation or relevant legislation.