is at our core

Sustainable practices are at the core of what we do.

And to us, sustainability is about more than creating positive outcomes for the environment. It’s about working with our clients and suppliers to ensure economic development is sustainable while protecting the environment and achieving social enrichment in the communities in which we live and work.

We believe that by reducing negative impacts from our practices, we will create value and benefit from sustainability.




Sustainable Practices
Economic, Social
& Environmental


To help Victoria prepare for the challenges that climate change presents, we’re doing our part to actively reduce carbon emissions during the construction process. We’re also contributing to resilient designs that will adapt to a changing climate.

To address and combat the effects of climate change, we’re:

  • using energy efficiently
  • targeting 80% recyclable waste
  • managing waste during construction
  • operating in line with environmental protection laws
  • subscribing to a circular economy
  • minimising impacts on native animals and fauna
  • maximising the harvest and reuse of water.


We’ve adopted strategies to avoid unnecessary consumption and manage demand, including:

  • selecting major materials with environmental labels or from sustainable supply chains
  • setting benchmarks to track and report on performance
  • embedding energy, water, material and waste reduction initiatives into project design, construction and operation
  • reducing the use and lifecycle impacts of all materials such as concrete, asphalt and steel.

We foster a viable market for sustainable products and services by supporting business and industry groups that show innovation in sustainability. Our social conscience drives our passion for the wellbeing and development of our community.

Achieving social and economic goals and addressing community issues is part of how we do business. We:

  • support new approaches to address ethical and sustainable procurement
  • procure sustainable-labelled products from sustainable supply chains under materials credit schemes
  • continue to encourage innovation and develop new forms of partnership and service delivery models
  • increase the representation of local, target communities for sustainable inclusive employment pathways.

We actively pursue the procurement of goods and services from social enterprises. We canvass Supply Nation and Kinaway while tendering to involve Indigenous supply chains. We also use local content from project surrounds and districts to bring a social value to the local economy.

We encourage, support and respect diversity and differences to encourage growth and confidence—from our own team through to contractors, suppliers, and customers.

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