Being specialists in the education sector gives our clients top results every time.

2Construct manages project complexity for educational clients across the entire delivery experience from de-risking the project upon contract award, to providing an effective and efficient project delivery experience that leads to successful completion and handover.



Works are carefully staged and programmed to mitigate impact to the school with clear delineation between school spaces and building works.


From smarter methodologies to diligent site practices, we reduce all interfaces with students and day to day school activities.


We approach our projects with a “do it once and do it well” mentality that enables a smooth transition to new facilities.


Constructing a Successful Partnership for your Masterplan.

As a dedicated and innovative team, we are committed to being part of your Masterplan every step of the way - from early discussions and engagement; concept to completion. With our expertise, resources and passion for excellence, we can join forces with you today to turn your vision into a tangible reality.

Specialists in education facility construction

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Managing the complexity in constructing innovative spaces for learning

While all construction projects present their own set of challenges, we’ve found construction projects in education settings have added challenges. It’s this unique complexity that informs our approach to the way we manage construction works while working in a live school environment.


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