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2Construct build and design flexible facilities that are functional, sustainable, vibrant, safe, accessible and welcoming. Community infrastructure plays a critical role in providing social spaces for all ages, cultural backgrounds and abilities, sharing knowledge, creating connections and a sense of belonging, as well as promoting and enhancing the health and wellbeing for all members of the community.



Significant growth presents its challenges; however, it also provides new and exciting opportunities for councils. Community infrastructure and services need to balance and respond to a variety of needs, diversity, access and inclusion is critical. Further considerations can include sustainable design aspects, decanting processes and temporary works.



From smarter methodologies to diligent site practices, 2Construct are flexible in all interfaces with community stakeholders and residential tenancies, ensuring a practical and pragmatic approach. We also plan projects to schedule high-impact works, demolitions and hazardous material removal at appropriate hours and maintain a flexible approach.



Your new and expanded community facilities will provide existing and future residents and visitors with diverse, dynamic and enjoyable places to live, work, play and connect. We approach our projects with a fit for purpose mentality, ensuring a smooth transition to new facilities and a defect free handover. 

Managing the complexity in constructing diverse and sustainable spaces to live, work, play and connect.

Community infrastructure should be welcoming, accessible, affordable and functional to meet the evolving needs of the community and be financially and environmentally sustainable. As the population continues to grow and change, so too does the community’s demand for infrastructure and facilities. 2Construct manages project complexity for community clients across the entire delivery experience, from contract award to providing an effective and efficient project delivery that leads to successful completion and handover.




Find out our insights on successfully constructing spaces to live, work, play and connect.

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