Parkville Neuroscience

2Construct - Parkville Neuroscience 01

Under contract to global organisation Brookfield, 2Construct Pty Ltd has once again been awarded the external works package. In traditional landscape architect design, there are a multitude of pavement types in strange angles and lines encompassing the building, a timber deck on screw piles with exotic carborundum adhered to the boards for slip resistance and of course an imaginative garden display with fully automatic irrigation system.



Brookfield Multiplex



Airport Toyota Redevelopment

The redevelopment works to the existing Airport Toyota includes the refurbishment and extension of the existing showroom & inclusion of new mezzanine office...

Commercial Retail Building Construction

Lennon Mills

The works involve the construction of eight warehouse tenancies, a three level office and refurbishment to existing Mills buildings onsite to accommodate...

Commercial Civic/Landscape Building Construction Industrial

Port of Melbourne Short Road Maintenance Facility

The contract involves the construction of a new storage/warehouse and office facility with ESD and Greenstar credentials together with high capacity hardstand...

Commercial Civic/Landscape Local State & Federal Government Building Construction Industrial

Parliament of Victoria - East Wing Refurbishment Stage 2

The contract comprises the removal of a heritage spiral staircase, demolition of internal rooms and construction of tunnelling works within Parliament House...

Commercial Local State & Federal Government Building Construction