Constructing Gold Medal Projects for Sporting Excellence.

It's the integrated nature of our expertise across building, civic and civil capabilities that has resulted in 2Construct having an impressive sports and recreation portfolio of successfully completed projects. From basketball centres to multi-sport precincts, we have provided athletes, both young and old, with the facilities they need to pursue their love of sports.

2Construct - St Kevins Training Ground 09


Significant growth presents its challenges; however, it also provides new and exciting opportunities for councils, schools, and sporting clubs. 2Construct help replace existing outdated infrastructure that no longer lives up to requirements and modernise sporting pavilions and ovals using the latest innovation and technology. Factors including sustainable design aspects, decanting processes and temporary works are important considerations during the planning phase. 



From smarter methodologies to diligent site practices, 2Construct are flexible in all interfaces with all stakeholders and residential tenancies, ensuring a practical and pragmatic approach. We also plan projects to schedule high-impact works, demolitions and hazardous material removal at appropriate hours and maintain a flexible approach to programming that enables our teams to work around community, school and sport club calendars.  



Your new and expanded sporting facilities will provide existing and future players and visitors with diverse, dynamic and enjoyable places to train and compete. We approach our projects with a fit for purpose mentality, ensuring a smooth transition to new facilities and a defect free handover. Each 2Construct project includes a dedicated commissioning manager to lead an early training and handover process that ensures a confident demobilization process and no requirements for further works. 

Future Proof Facility Upgrades and Modernisation

As our population continues to grow, so does the participation in our local sporting clubs. Ongoing participation growth, whilst positive, places pressure on existing sporting infrastructure. This leads to significant capacity issues which results in participation constraints due to outdated facilities.




Find out our insights on successfully constructing gold medal projects for Aussie teams.

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